Growth Plan

Farohar revolutionary organization structure is built with a vision of continual and exponential growth commensurate with its mission of becoming the world’s largest and most reliable Specialist Outsourced Services (SOS) enterprise.

The Company has been corporately structured to ensure that there are absolutely no regulatory, functional, geographic or commercial restrictions to all-round growth and expansion.

Farohar growth plan falls under the following main headings:

Geographic Growth

Farohar aims to have its presence in all major commercially active regions of the world such that our network of offices serves to cover the planet on an “always at hand” and “follow-the-sun” basis no matter where our clients are located.

Towards this, Farohar already has offices in Singapore, India and North America. Plans are underway to expand this presence in relevance to market demands and corporate growth appetite with a strict no-compromise policy on maintaining our core values and individual attention to client needs.

Commercial Growth

Global workforce dynamics, the shift of competence and business hubs from the traditional to the new worlds, the evolution of the G20, BRICKS and ASEAN powerhouses (to name a few) and the paradigm shift that is more the norm than exception today are macro drivers for our commercial growth strategy.

Farohar is absolutely ready to take on the increasing demand for specialist outsourced services as more and more businesses are forced to recognize the significant savings and benefits of limiting their outgoings to their direct core competences whilst using RELIABLE specialist firms such as Farohar.

The “generalist” approach towards non-core services outsourcing has proven to be a failure due to the high risk of errors, high cost of client-side verification, compromised ownership and price wars at the expense of quality and customer satisfaction. However the need for outsourcing all non-core and sporadic service needs is growing.

Farohar recognized this earlier than most and hence is in a position today to offer its highly trained resources and domain focused expertise in a cost-effective and yet sustainably reliable manner.

The Company firmly believes that its commercial growth will be through higher turnover and business volumes rather than through increasing its pricing margins.

A year-on-year overall revenue growth of 100-150{762398dbf3a50d8990d1963e5b7d57dd53f1d3cdfb413685f6a96e04b8aa152c} is expected for Farohar.

Investor and Press specific information may be obtained by contacting us (Click here).

Resources Expansion

Farohar strength is mainly represented by its human resource pool. Its Chairman and senior management are absolutely committed to keeping Farohar image as the most desired employer in terms of staff motivation, growth and participation not only as employees but as individual stakeholders in the success of Farohar through a revolutionary system of performance-based incentives in addition to competitive remuneration and top class welfare.

Farohar has recognized through very intense and qualified surveys, regions that are most suitable for its sustained growth and expansion in terms of assets and human resources now and for the future. A steady balance between availability of a young sustainable workforce, adequate experience, cultural and governmental compatibility, cost effectiveness is ensured for each site individually and enterprise-wide is ensured.

Plans are already in effect to expand Farohar’s worksites and human resources to meet the expanding business demands.

Partners Addition

In line with our corporate strategy, Farohar maintains a carefully determined balance between in-house services and partner-assisted ones, with the principle aim of ensuring a wider range of “best-of-breed” expertise without compromising on customer satisfaction and quality.

For our clients, our already formidable list of partners (individuals and establishments) all of whom are leaders in their field of expertise form a seamless extension of our own extensive scope of services allowing us to offer such partner services confidently under the unified banner of Farohar. Please click here for more details on our current partners.

The Company’s open partnership platform and its culture of transparency, ethical business practices and equitable sharing of profits has and continues to attract excellent partners enabling us to carefully select and offer an expanding portfolio of services under one banner. Farohar continues to enter into partnerships that add value to our customers and can complement our values and corporate culture.

Services Growth & Scalability

Growth in our range and capacity of services has and will be determined by market demand and our ability to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction for such disciplines with ZERO compromise on our efficiencies or quality.

Farohar will maintain its pioneering focus on services for the marine and oil-gas industries verticals. However its mainstream services especially for IT-based services, data management and digitization services and high-tech transcribing services are experiencing rapid growth fuelled by market demand and encouraged by own marketing efforts and testimonials from extremely satisfied Farohar clients.

Based on our current experience and projections, Farohar expects an over 100{762398dbf3a50d8990d1963e5b7d57dd53f1d3cdfb413685f6a96e04b8aa152c} expansion of its current list of services over the next 12 months.

Scalability is a major benefit that attracts our clients to avail of our outsourced services. We are able to rapidly expand and ramp-up our workforce in any area of our services without compromise to deliverables or core values.

This is also testimony to our image as a “highly desired employer” with ready access to quality staff even in the current challenging HR environment.

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