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Farohar provides an in-house built search engine for all of its software.

This search engine performs three functions:
Crawling: The process of searching the Internet for content by analyzing the code/content of each URL discovered.
Indexing: The process of storing and categorizing the content discovered during the crawling phase is known as indexing. When a page is added to the index, it becomes eligible to be displayed in response to relevant requests.
Ranking: Deliver the material that best answers a searcher’s query, which implies results are ordered from most relevant to least relevant.

We may divide the process of how a search engine operates into the following steps:
1. Search engine crawlers explore Internet websites for web pages by traversing between links on pages to detect and collect data on web pages.
2. As search engine crawlers navigate the Internet, they collect information about the pages they visit, such as titles, meta descriptions, copy, and more.
3. Once a crawler has gathered information about a web page, it sends that information to search engines.
4. When a search engine receives information about a web page from a crawler, it stores and categorizes the information in its database. This is sometimes referred to as indexing.
5. When a user uses a search engine to find something, the search engine will comb through the web pages in its database to return the best websites for the query in the search results.

Crawling websites is critical for search engines, users, and companies alike. Crawling allows search engines to give the information and answers that users require.

For businesses, if your website isn’t crawled and search engines don’t index your pages, your site won’t appear in search results, and users won’t be able to find you.

The location of the search engine bar on our home page is prioritized. Making the search bar visible and easy to use improves and enhances our customers’ searching experience.

Our search engine can be further optimised by adding features such as visual search, a suggestion feature that pops up as soon as a user starts typing in your search bar.

We also have other options such as product filters, quick loading times, search interface optimization, voice and image search, and search autocomplete.

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