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Farohar Enterprizes is one of the largest and most experienced International Specialist Outsourced Services (SOS) Enterprise and forms a part of the global Farohar group of companies. Headquartered in Singapore, Farohar has global presence with production and management team in Japan, India, U.S., Europe, Middle East and Philippines. Farohar has local representatives in most major cities around the world.

Farohar offers a full range of dry-dock services, including:
• All Machinery repair
• All Machinery installations
• Retrofits
• Specialization in Hydraulic system inspection, repair and testing
• All kinds of Electrical repair and installation
• Structural steel & Sheet metal fabrication, installation and welding
• Tank inspection, cleaning, preservation, and testing.z
• Underwater Hull Repair, Inspection & Survey
• Hull cleaning (Blasting), repair as per class specification and painting.

During the lifetime of a vessel’s ownership, the largest single cost to any ship owner is the dry docking cost. If this is not managed well, by means of good preparation, tight controls and close management, then costs can spiral quickly and dock times can overrun, which can adversely affect subsequent operating costs. The technical management team of Farohar is able to carry out a high standard of effective dry dock planning and other major repairs, retrofits and conversions as well as supervision of these services. This is offered to any Owner as an individual tailor-made service.

Using a powerful software package with a database of a large number of completed specifications and thousands of individual detailed jobs specifications, full turnkey project management are carried out. This also means that Farohar Enterprizes can produce detailed specifications within 24 hours, including nearly any work, should this ever be necessary for emergency docking and repairs.

The retrofitting of new and replacement equipment like EGCS & BWMS, as well as the complete conversion and lengthening of the vessel, can be managed using the same methodology and has been done successfully.

In case of damage repair, Farohar can also help the owners estimate the exact amount of steel required by carrying out laser-based deformation measurement of the affected areas.

We provide day to day management of the site office to ensure good coordination between the owner and the shipyard. We provide Hull, paint, outfitting and machinery supervision during the repair/conversion of the vessel. We have a pool of expert professional having very diverse experience.

Why Farohar?
Farohar follows and adheres to the following process for Dry Docking every single time:
• Assigning of Senior Superintendent to the project
• Vessel visit by Expert Team to identify specific docking works and defect rectification work.
• Gathering of information from classification societies and other regulatory bodies for work needed to satisfy new or future requirements
• Preparation of a detailed Project Plan and Budget
• Review of Project Plan and Budget by the Experienced Technical Director
• Meetings with Vessel Owners and Chartering team for locking the Project Plan and list of feasible Dry Dock Locations around the world
• Finalization of Shipyard
• Meeting with Shipyard along with Project Plan
• Procurement of required materials (Spare Parts and/ or Machineries)
• Actual Dry Dock with daily reports to vessel owner.
• Vessel completes dry docking
• Final signoff and acceptance by vessel owner

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