Spares Inventory Management

Over the past decade, Farohar has helped more than 150 International clients streamline their Inventory Stock-taking & Management onboard around 350 of their vessels & shore establishment and counting. Farohar’s Spares Inventory Service is not only the most cost effective service in the industry but also helps Companies in reducing inventory cost, reduction of wrong/unnecessary purchases, maintaining critical inventory, saving crucial storage space, optimize inventory level and budgeting. This important aspect is somewhere lost in the operational activities of a vessel, mainly due to insufficient time for busy Onboard Staff. This service also reduces expensive seafarer time lost in searching for correct spares onboard.

As part of Farohar’s Spares Inventory Management Service, our experienced Spare Data Engineers attend your vessels/offices/warehouses worldwide and carry out identification of parts, tagging (Color/Barcode/RFID) of parts and storage locations, updating ROB in any installed PMS System, train onboard staff on inventory management and implement long term sustainable procedures for efficient Inventory Management.

Spares Inventory

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