Website Optimization and Promotion

Website Optimization and Promotion

Website optimization is the process of using controlled experiments to improve a website’s ability to achieve business goals. To improve website performance, website owners implement A/B testing to experiment with changes to their website pages to determine which changes ultimately lead to more conversions (e.g. demo requests, increase in organic search results, more purchases, fewer customers service hours, etc.).

Website optimization goals:
The goals of a website will vary depending on the type of business, business is targeting, and what action the audience expects: to make a purchase, fill out a form, or read an article. The desired action from website visitors can also be conversions, or the number of viewers who complete a specific action.

For example:

  • Online publications perform website optimization with the conversion goal of increasing the number of articles their visitors read.
  • An online store optimizes its website to encourage completed checkouts and repeat purchases.
  • An online software company optimizes its website to increase the rate at which visitors sign up for (or convert to) a free trial of a product.
  • An insurance company optimizes its website to capture more potential insurance sales leads.
  • Fundraising campaigns optimize investment/donation formats to encourage more incoming funds.

Important elements to Optimize the website:
Depending on the company’s goals, website optimization may include testing:

  • A title or key message related to the company’s value proposition.
  • Use visual media such as photography or video.
  • Length of the form, different number of required fields or order of completion.
  • Highlight customer case studies describing the success they experienced using your product or service.
  • Visual style, text, and placement of the call-to-action (CTA) button or link.
  • Organization of site navigation.
  • Placement of social sharing features.
  • Page appearance and organization for visitors on mobile devices.

We have our dedicated team to consult the clients and learn more about their business, which will help us to tailor-make the client website accurately to increase online presence effectively.
We adopt important factors such as but not limited to, competitor analysis, industry target audience, keyword analysis and other modern strategies into consideration. We also analyze and optimize our clients’ social media presence and respond to social marketing feedback on the basis of our very carefully crafted and constantly updated effectiveness analysis report.
Contact us for a free consultation on how we can assist in maximizing your online presence.

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