Data Collection


  • First step to creation of a useful and accurate PMS database &/or E-Doc Works
  • Importance commonly undermined and ignored
  • Saves at least 15-20 {762398dbf3a50d8990d1963e5b7d57dd53f1d3cdfb413685f6a96e04b8aa152c} of PMS implementation costs
  • 90{762398dbf3a50d8990d1963e5b7d57dd53f1d3cdfb413685f6a96e04b8aa152c} of shipping companies have source data in disorganized status
  • Client’s cost and time in proper data collection will be about 3 times that of FEL
  • Expertise in use of PMS systems data is vastly different from expertise in administering such data
  • Focused, experienced marine qualified expert/s required to collect and dispatch source data
  • In-depth knowledge of Marine Systems and PMS Data Population a must
  • Effort involves onshore and on-board data collection
  • Includes updating of equipment lists, machinery details, inventory, packaging, and dispatch of source data, both electronic and/or hard copy
  • Success greatly depends on co-operation extended by client towards the effort


  • First step to a useful and accurate database for your enterprise software solution
  • Saves significant time, effort, and cost for clients (15-20{762398dbf3a50d8990d1963e5b7d57dd53f1d3cdfb413685f6a96e04b8aa152c} at least)
  • Significantly better project control for PMS & E-Doc efforts
  • No ambiguity or doubt between data collection and data population processes
  • Ensures relevance and currency of source data – useful beyond just data population
  • Vital exercise to synchronize “actual” list of VSL equipment with existing archived one
  • Inventory updating through physical checking onboard vessels (if ordered)
  • Accurate identification of “sisterhood” and “identical data” for sister vessels
  • Segregation of duplicate data thereby reducing transportation & processing costs
  • Lower risk of errors such as delays in transportation, wrong dispatches, inaccurate inventories, etc


  • Well experienced, highly experienced, cross-functional teams of project managers, SME (subject matter experts), marine engineers and data analysts.
  • 850+ strong workforce located in new Mumbai, India, with internationally mobile capabilities for off-site works
  • Data collection – currently 4 teams of experts supervised by experienced project manager and administered by senior marine project head
  • Time estimate: 20 vessels – office + vessels : 3 months (subject to conditions)
  • Quality team, to oversee and audit process, activities, including resource scheduling, team communications and status reporting as well as promoting and overseeing use of established best practices, policies, and procedures. Liaison between test team and the business stakeholder(s)
  • Full back-up support from all departments of Farohar’s formidable team of experts

Note: success of project requires necessary involvement and support of client resources & management in their offices and on-board vessels.

The project has multiple benefits for the client. A few of the prime benefits are:

  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Outsource of non-core processes to expertise team, faster execution time
  • Better resource utilization, data collection based on the requirement of end-user
  • Single point of contact – Better coordination and faster response time
  • Well planned workflow and better planning visibility for the upcoming maintenance tasks
  • Support to budget and planning of maintenance tasks for a longer period
  • Improved probability
  • Improved maintenance knowledge with site support and task execution plans
  • Better balance in spare part usage
  • All solutions at one place – Data Collection, Inventory management, Data Population for PMS, E-Data Services, entry of client-specific supplier catalogues

Typical time-frame required depends on:

  • Technical details of vessel.
  • Size of data
  • Availability of Vessel for Data Collection
  • Availability of data on ship or office.
  • Data in soft copy or hard copy format.
  • Manuals need to be scanned or for courier to DP processing location.
  • Whether Ship at Sailing, at shore, at Anchorage.
  • Accommodation provided on board or at shore.
  • If at shore distance, time & provision to visit vessel on daily basis or at fixed hours.


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