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Ship financing is a dynamic activity that constantly adapts to new realities in the financial and maritime world. The global need for stricter compliance with ESG principles and the growing impact of the digitalization of shipping are affecting the maritime sector’s business models and, in turn, it is financing.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and provide them with professional, discreet, high-quality financial advice and assistance. Financial institutions understand our approach and judgment, which enhances our access to capital on behalf of our clients.

Our clients are mainly ship owners, managers and family businesses. We have extensive experience working with clients in emerging market countries.

We maintain a proven track record, expertise, skills and network to successfully connect capital-intensive projects with the right capital providers, assisting all parties in optimizing financial transaction structures.

Through the relationships we developed with various financiers over the years. We help shipowners finance their vessels through a variety of alternatives, such as through their own equity, sale and leasebacks, mezzanine financing or through simple mortgages. In its advisory role, we provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to the challenges facing the shipping industry.

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