Web Application and Enterprise Portal Development

In today’s fast-paced environment which is infused with emerging technologies, businesses are seeking to improve interactions with their customers by taking advantage of the new platforms that provide users with access anytime and anywhere through the use of cutting edge technologies.Our experts are dedicated to seeking the best ways for you to provide end-to-end portal solutions that help you to provide the latest services to tech savvy end-users in your client base.

Fully Integrated Enterprise Portals

Our experts are highly skilled in the development of fully integrated enterprise portals which provide many different applications for collaboration, interaction, automated processes, and other applications that can be connected with one another to provide a user-friendly platform.

Content Distribution Portals – It is difficult to get by in today’s environment without a method for distributing your content.Our experts are well trained in creating customized content distribution portals for digital documents and media.

Online Communities – Visitors tend to return to a website more often when they feel like a community member.We can design an online community that allows your visitors to integrate social networking into their interactions with your online community.

Ecommerce Portals – Regardless if your business requires B2B or B2C portals for ecommerce, tell us what you need and our experts will create a portal that is customized to your business needs.

Applications and Web Services – Our experts can integrate a set of applications and web services that are customized to suit the preferences of the end user.We can design mailing systems, IM platforms, chat applications, VoIP programs, Customer Relationship Management platforms, interactive applications, and much more.

Comprehensive Portal Functionalit

The portals we design provide ultimate functionality which includes user-friendly interfaces, web applications and services, content delivery, and easy integration and management for the portals you require.The functionality of our portals offer:

Content Management and Distribution – The portals which are designed by our experts provide online business owners with an easy solution for developing and publishing content with cutting edge distribution technologies for distributing and managing new content.

Ecommerce – The ecommerce solutions we provide are offered in a wide variety of platforms including product catalogs, order and inventory management, shopping cart management, billing and secure payment processing, and customized ecommerce solutions as required by your online business.

Document Management – Our experts design state-of-the-art digital data portals that provide for data storage, distribution of digital media, integrated search functions for data location, and data mining.

End User Management – Our portal design provides capabilities for registration and login, user accounts, administration, and user profiling.We can also design the portal to help you track the activities of your visitors and view tracking reports for analysis.

User Interaction – Our interactive portals allow you to bring life to an otherwise static website by offering message boards, event calendars, distribution of newsletters, polls, surveys, web conferencing, and any other interactive-type application that you would like to use for your business.

Automation – Business processes no longer have to be time consuming with our fully integrated and automated processes for customer relationship management, workflow processes, financial management, and any other business processes you use to operate your business on a daily basis.

Security – We can design a portal that allocates specific user privileges to help control access and maintain data security.

Additionally, we provide maintenance and support services to ensure the solutions we design for you run efficiently and bug-free.The portal we design will also allow for trouble-free upgrades to continually meet your needs as your business grows.

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