Vessel Valuation Services

We evaluate a variety of vessel types including bulk carriers, container ships, passenger ships, offshore vessels, tankers, tugs and barges. We perform ship valuations including market approach, income approach, replacement cost approach and discounted cash flow analysis (DCF). We value ships and shipping assets on behalf of:

Creative Works:

  • Attorneys
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies worldwide
  • Private owners
  • Publicly listed companies
  • Ship owners and operators

Our experts have extensive experience in the sale and purchase of all types of vessels. With a large amount of information and understanding of the shipping market, our daily operations make it possible for us to provide you with a fairly precise, qualitative, and well-founded ship valuation. We also provide Vessel Lifecycle Valuation and Trade Revenue estimations for ships and floating assets.

We follow the “market value” approach to vessel valuation, which is prescribed by the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC). It assumes “the estimated amount for which the asset should be exchanged between a willing buyer and a willing seller at the valuation date. It assures ” A fair transaction after appropriate market research, with both parties acting wisely, prudently and without forceā€.

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