Web-Enabling Legacy Applications

Web enabling legacy applications are very beneficial to the functionality of your organization. At Farohar we are committed to helping you convert your legacy applications to web enabled applications to help improve communications with your colleagues, business partners and even your customers.

With web enabling legacy applications you can offer access to business information and systems from any location around the world.This helps you to streamline workflow and data processes by eliminating the requirements for multiple channels of deployment.The systems we provide for you are user-friendly, functional, and highly accessible by the intended end users for the web enabling legacy application we design.

Our Web Enabling Applications Services

Our team of skilled experts at Farohar uses their comprehensive experience and technical knowledge to create web enabling legacy applications from your existing legacy applications without interfering with your company operations.Our experts can ensure a smooth transition from by closely monitoring the conversion process without losing track of critical data

Evaluation of Existing Legacy Application:Our team is highly trained in conducting a detailed evaluation of your current legacy application and how it applies to critical business processes.

Review of Business Processes – Once we perform a complete analysis of your legacy application we will take the time to review important business processes to determine their level of functionality.Reviewing business processes helps us to determine the necessary technology requirements that should be used to ensure a smooth transition to the web enabling legacy applications.

Selection of Tools –We will suggest and help you choose the best tools for converting to a web-enabling legacy application.The tools we provide will ensure efficiency and reliability during and after the transition process.

Professional Monitoring –Our highly trained experts will oversee and monitor the process every step of the way to ensure there are no problems and to guarantee a smooth transition.

If you are wondering what you should do with your existing legacy application that has become antiquated and no longer serves your business needs, we also provide you with several options to consider as your approach to a web enabling legacy application.You can choose to reuse the existing legacy application, replace your current system with a new one, re-engineer or rewrite your software.When you request a consultation, the experts at Farohar will review the options with you to help you determine which option is best suited to your business and your budget.

The professionals at Farohar will help you to save time and money when converting to web enabling legacy applications while streamlining business processes and reducing your investment in manpower to run the necessary technologies.You will also save money on the technology investment that is required to make your business data and applications available to colleagues, customers, and company personnel.By using a state-of-the-art web enabling legacy application you will be able to maintain the competitive edge while efficiently serving your business needs with the latest technology.

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