Custom Software Solutions

Farohar specializes in customizing software for a specific fit, functionality, and design, and then integrating your custom application across any type of operating system for any application.

Today, almost every organization relies on open source software. Almost everything, including telecommunication systems, inventory, accounting, personal productivity applications, contact management, and operating systems, requires open-source software. Customizing open-source software and utilizing it to your advantage will enable you to easily meet your business objectives.

Farohar employs experienced and skilled software engineers who can competently construct a software system using open-source software. Farohar’s expert programmers’ extensive experience translates into customized and robust open-source software that fits any business. Our experts will also oversee and monitor the integration to ensure that your day-to-day business operations are not disrupted.

Fintech, Marine, Oil-Gas, Construction, Healthcare, RCM, Legal, Mobile applications, E Learning & LMS and AI infusions are some of the areas of excellence we possess.

Farohar assists you in locating the best fit for your company’s needs and strategy. Contact us for a free consultation.

Advantages of Custom Software Solutions:

  • Lower hardware costs / Lower software costs – The initial advantage of using open-source software that will always spring to mind is that it is free.
  • No Vendor lock-in – Open source software has no vendor lock-in which means that the code is available to all.
  • High-quality software
  • Integrated management
  • Simple license management
  • Abundant support
  • Scaling and consolidating

Methodology – Includes SWOT Analysis, Blueprint Development, Project Execution & Maintenance.

Open source applications that are customized for your business will stand apart from that of your competitors and will also work out better financially. Open source platforms have distinct advantages that are beneficial to businesses. The cost benefits of open source models are greater because you not only save money on initial investments but also end up spending less on maintenance. They include a community support system, which is not available on proprietary platforms.

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