Digital Archiving Services

Important Facts

  • Farohar provides end-to-end solutions in various cutting-edge Archiving and Digital Imagery works. We specialize in providing value-added professional services to a broad base of Fortune 500 corporates archival units and foundations worldwide.
  • Farohar is compliant with ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. Our processes and workflows are designed to ensure the highest level of output accuracy and client data security. Secure vaults and temperature/humidity/light controlled storage facilities available.
  • Expert handling, care and storage of valuable archived documents and material (including valuable/historic and delicate documents and objects).
  • Farohar is fully geared to serve clients from all over the world. Depending on client requirements, we can execute projects entirely or selectively at client site or at our ultra-modern worksite in Mumbai, India.
  • We use state-of-the-art document handling technology and equipment such as latest flatbed and overhead scanners, and imaging machinery to ensure accurate, high quality and rapid completion of projects
  • Most importantly, we consider every archival project a commitment to the priceless history it represents not only for the client but for every entity that it impacts. We remain privileged to serve your archival requirements.

Typical Archival Services

  • Multiple source-data types. No limitation to types, including but not limited to paper, celluloid, photos, negatives, parchments, papyrus, canvas, etc.
  • No restrictions on source data sizes. Capable of handling a wide range of source material sizes.
  • Conversion to client-specified digital formats
  • Normal to high resolution images provided as per client requirements
  • Highly experienced and skilled managers and workforce
  • Digital captions, notes, history, bookmarks, labels etc. added to each item or section
  • Originality of digitized images retained or optimized as per client specifications
  • End-use specific deliverables can be prepared. Example: Unaltered original images for records, display and back-up purposes, cleaned and despeckled images with client-approved digital effects for catalogues or publicity
  • Custom search engine and SEO optimization for ease of searching through the digital archives provided.
  • Farohar also can propose suitable off-the-shelf Archival solutions or create a custom solution for clients based on their specific requirements

Process Flow

Quality Assurance

  • Multi–stage Quality Assurance overseen by our trained & highly experienced project managers who will conduct such checks on a regular basis and especially at stages specified within the flow chart above.
  • Any and all observations or non-conformances will be transparently recorded, analyzed without delay and acted upon for corrective and preventive measures and will contribute to our continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Product will only be released to TCA after it has passed the final QA.
  • Farohar’s unique warranty and 1 year free follow-up service stands testimony to our commitment and confidence towards assuring complete client satisfaction

Intellectual Property & Confidentiality undertaking

Farohar has extensive experience and proven capability in assuring total compliance with clients’ Intellectual Property and Confidentiality requirements. Some notable projects with high sensitivity undertaking previously by our group are:

  • E-Fleet Digitization and Documentation Services for some of the worlds largest Shipping corporations such as Inno Kaiun (Japan), Wallenius Lines (Sweden), Wilhelmsen Shipping (Norway), EMS (Denmark), Meratus (Indonesia)
  • Digitization of Parliamentary debates for Irish Parliament
  • Digitization of Land records for Pune Municipal Corporation
  • Digitization of Plant drawings for L&T Group, Bharat Bijlee.

In addition to globally accepted generic Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality/IP Agreement templates, Farohar is prepared to sign and accept any necessary Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Intellectual Property (IP) requirements and or Confidentiality assurances as part of the project’s contractual documentation.

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