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Distribution stock refers to a large blocks of a security that are carefully sold into the market gradually in smaller blocks so as to inundate the market with sell orders for the security and driving down its price. Traders also refer to the dynamic of securities being sold this way as simply “distribution.”

The industrial trading and distribution market is becoming more dynamic than ever. Global disruptions like the pandemic, climate change, and trade relations are affecting this industry to its core. Distribution companies are adapting to new business models due to increasing demands, diminishing margins, and tough competition. Successful distribution companies are gaining greater value from the value chain by integrating channels through self–service ordering and aggregated sourcing of suppliers.

Distribution companies are facing numerous challenges, such as rising quality service expectations, supply chain directly linked to monetization, and dispersed market segments with different pricing structures. Organizations in Trading and Distribution are facing challenging business environment having to keep up with distribution capabilities to meet supplier compliance demands, manage shorter delivery times and global sourcing.

From sea and land to skies, waves of digital transformation are reshaping the trade industry. Farohar can assist trading and distribution companies steer on course to an accelerated digital future.

Farohar can assist in:

• Sales and Operations Planning
• Demand Management
• Inventory Optimization
• Supply chain planning
• Strategic Network Optimization

By streamlining IT and business processes, Farohar offers employees/users all the support they need to perform with optimal productivity, make timely business decisions, and handle customer service in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Why Farohar?
1) Standardization of Industry best practices
2) Proven Process technologies
3) Ready-made integrations
4) Adapt to Organizational needs and priorities
5) Cost effectiveness
6) Risk management
7) Excellence in digital transformation

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