Offshore Development Centre

Are you considering outsourcing your work to a third-party Organization?
If yes, will you prefer having your own kind of a setup at virtually the same cost as of outsourcing with far more benefits?
Farohar offers an Offshore Development facility for your organization for a range of services such as Software development, Marine services, Data services, Legal services, Healthcare and RCM services and any other service not mentioned here.
Farohar can provide you with a state-of -the-art infrastructure and set-up with dedicated office space, Servers, hardware and software and a team of skilled and expert resources on a long-term basis, fully dedicated to your project.
Consider this to be a branch or subsidiary of your Company in India.

Why Farohar

  • Ready infrastructure in terms of building space, hardware/software
  • Skilled SMEs, team ready to manage turnkey projects
  • Focussed leadership team
  • Dedicated team; Relationship manager
  • ISO certified company following stringent QC processes, highest safety, and security standards.
  • Cost efficient
  • Works as a subsidiary of your business
  • Functions like an extension to your in-house development team
  • Open communication/exchange of dialogues
  • Full access to the ongoing project development
  • Adapt to company values and work culture
  • Ontime delivery of quality work
  • On demand scaling and Tech backup
We can also assist any Organization in terms of consultancy for setting up their own ODC in India, Philippines, and Vietnam. Please reach out to us for more Information.
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