E-Catalogue Application

Farohar has over the years helped companies with their own custom E-Catalogue Application to help promote their products and services in most effective way.

Essentials of Farohar’s E-Catalogue Applications;

  • User friendly and simple navigations, thus allowing our clients to create, distribute, track and monetize their professional digital catalogues with great ease.
  • Flexible to meet customized need.
  • Best in the industry 3D Content e-catalogue tool.
  • No Limit on quantity – create multiple e-catalogues for seasons, markets, currencies, etc…
  • Easy conversion of PDF Catalogues into attractive page flip e-catalogue.
  • Easy transfer of links from PDFs.
  • High-resolution images enable drilling down to the texture of a product, bringing your products to life.
  • Boost marketing strategies with videos in your e-catalog to showcase how your key products can be used or worn, and leave little for the imagination
  • Fast application, thus saving valuable time.
  • Built-in resources like pre-designed templates, themes, backgrounds, animated scenes, plugins and so on that not only make it easier for users to customize the catalogue but also help in quickly publishing a digital catalogue at no cost of losing aesthetics.
  • Tool to add links to any resources, contacts or order forms to give complete information to viewers. Product spec brochures can be attached to every item in e-catalogue thus providing prospective customers all the information they need to make a buying decision.
  • Stunning and interactive. Best custom application which enrich the e-catalogue with interactive reading experience.
  • Flexible accessibility. The reader can view the e-catalogue in any browser and in any device; iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, PCs and other mobile devices both online and offline.
  • Smart search and filters. Intelligent text-searching and an interactive table of contents that will allow readers to always find what they want in fraction of seconds. A handy reference tool for your customers.
  • Easy interface for linking of e-catalogue with Google Analytics to get valuable insights about prospective customers.
  • Favorites – Tools to enable customers to tag items as favorites for quick access when engaging customers.
  • Options to integrate shopping cart. Ability to add items to the cart, in a point, click and shop user experience

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