Troubleshooting & Rectification

Troubleshooting & Rectification

Our 25 years of vast experience in delivering over 3000 accurate and timely data projects has enabled us to be a Pioneer in Data management.
Farohar not only gives sustainable solutions but also assists its clients in full implementation of the rectification plans.
The first step towards identifying data issues is to know where to look, this is where our experienced Data Analysts are the most effective to ensure minimum downtime for our client’s data sets.

Creative Works:
Our Approach:
Farohar uses AI based Root Cause Analysis method with special emphasis below known data quality issues;
1. Data overload
2. Incorrect data attribution
3. Missing or inaccurate data
4. Data duplication
5. Hidden data
6. Outdated data
7. Incomplete data
8. Ambiguous data
9. Lack of standardization
10. Data integration complexities
11. Legacy systems
12. Poor data governance once you choose Farohar, there will be minimum efforts required from client side. We deliver complete end to end solution

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