Bulk Scanning

Scanning is the key to e-doc project. The productivity of e-doc is directly linked to the Scanning volumes that you produce daily. The more you scan, more you churn as an e-doc with all the respective processes. In view of this, Farohar is equipped with the State-of-the-art high speed quality Scanners from the topmost brands in the market. They serve with range of scanning services and cater to different situations and scenarios such as –

Creative Works:

  • Regular scans
  • Duplex documents
  • Archives/delicate/fragile document
  • Hazy/unclear documents
  • Large format documents
  • Color documents
We have the following Scanners that take care of the above conditions:

  • Kodak i850 Scanner
  • Graphtec CSX550 – 09 Scanner
  • Wide TEK 36DS – Wide Format Duplex Scanner
  • Scan Robot 2.0 MDS Scanner
  • Image Access Book Eye 4 Scanner
  • IBML Image TRAC 6400
  • FUJITSU Scanner FI-6800 PRO

With can scan approx. 20,000 pages/day on an average and that’s quite a number!

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