Open Source Software Customization

When it comes to software platforms for ecommerce sometimes it is necessary for businesses to find ways to cut costs without cutting corners.The current economy has coerced businesses to seek low cost business solutions that are both scalable and flexible to accommodate business change and growth.

At Farohar, we understand the importance of customized business solutions.We have highly skilled experts in programming that can design open source software solutions that are perfectly suited to all of your business needs.Our team of professionals has comprehensive experience in the integration of open source software with a wide variety of different operating systems and ecommerce platforms.

Faroharoffers a variety of development related services that provide you with advanced solutions that meet your business requirements which include transitioning of your existing configuration to open frameworks and customized development of open source software platforms.

Our Customized Services Include:

  • Software Integration –Our experienced programmers are accomplished experts in open source software integration with a wide variety of operating systems including Linux, Windows, UNIX, and others, in addition to middleware such as Oracle, WebSphere, and CRM platforms for performing back office tasks.
  • Open Source Customization –Our team of professionals has extensive expertise in Drupal, WordPress, OScommerce, Magento, Joomla, ZenCart, and other open source applications.Our experts can customize any of these platforms to suit the individual needs of your business.
  • Design Integration –If you have an existing platform that you are using and require additional solutions, our professionals are qualified to integrate open source software with your current solutions.
  • Platform Transitions –If it is necessary for you to migrate to another platform our experts are trained in platform migration and can ensure a smooth transition to the new solution.
  • Software Management –We can manage your open source software for you and oversee any technical issues and necessary changes when it comes to scalability.
  • Maintenance and Support –Our tech support professionals can respond to any technical difficulties within a short period of time to ensure your business keeps running smoothly and hassle-free.We will also oversee the maintenance of your software to guarantee trouble-free operation by the end users.

The extensive experience of our expert programmers at Farohar transfers their knowledge to customized and robust open source software that fits any business. The cost of development is less due to open source components that are free which also saves time on programming and integration.Source codes that are widely available on the Internet also significantly reduce the cost of development.

Our open source customization services are also available for a large project, a portion of a big project, or a single project.Our experts will also oversee and monitor the integration to ensure there is no interruption in your day to day business operations.Our customized software solutions are implemented with the latest open source technologies available.

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